SCCA Cumberland Nationals 1963

Steel Cities Region's Donna Mae Mims
with B/P Corvette driver Bob Moaut

********** RACE SUMMARY **********

The Telar Special of 1962 was back, was now driven by Tim Mayer, who turned a 1:13 lap in practice. However Roger Penske returned with the Zerex Special and won the Vandegrift in record time. His average was 77.5 mph with a best lap of 1:12. Mayer was out in the twelfth lap. Veteran driver Walt Hansgen in a Cooper-Buick was the only car not lapped by Penske.

In A and B Production the new Cobra of Bob Johnson sent the Corvette Sting Rays howling to the snake pit. In G and H Production Nagel was first in a Morgan followed by the pink lady, Donna Mae Mims in her AH Sprite. The Porsche race (sometimes called E Production) went to Lake Underwood. Bob Tullius was first in D with a number 44 TR-4.

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********** OFFICIAL PRESS COVERAGE **********

August 1963 SCCA Sports Car Article
Authored by Donna Mae

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1963 Track Map for Participants and Workers




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